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Easy Blue Brett Test Kit
Item# : W1001C60

Easy-to-use Brett Test. Includes sterile applicator, sterile dispersion beads, Incubation bags, Easy Blue agar Brettanomyces plates and easy-to-follow instructions.

Our Price:
12 Tests For $279
32 Tests For $449

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Differential Brettanomyces Media 60mm Agar Plates
Item# : W1002P60

Brettanomyces Selective and Differential (SD) Medium. 60X15-mm agar plates. Proprietary selective enrichment formula supports Brettanomyces growth and inhibits most other wine microbes. Differential features allows for identification/confirmation of Brettanomyces based on phenolic odor and color change and quantification by colony-counting.

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48 plates For $479

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Test for Brettanomyces on and in Oak
Item# : W4002

This test can be used to determine if a chip or splinter from a wine barrel is contaminated with Brettanomyces.

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12 Tests For $249

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