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Easy Blue Brett Test Kit
Item# : W1001C60

Easy-to-use Brett Test developed by Stewart Lebrun Ph.D. Includes sterile applicator, sterile dispersion beads, Incubation bags, Easy Blue agar Brettanomyces plates and easy-to-follow instructions.

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12 Tests For $279
32 Tests For $449

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Easy WL-N Kit
Item# : W1004CP60B

An easy way to determine total aerobic counts and sterility. Use before bottling or any time you want to check total microbial levels; Cultivates yeast, mold, and bacteria encountered in brewing and industrial fermentation processes. Includes droppers, sterile beads, incubation bags, and WL Nutrient Agar Plates.

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32 tests For $349

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Brett ExperienceTM
Item# : WW1002

Contains: Brett positive wine and Brett negative wine in tubes plus four Easy Blue tests. One of the tests has been pre-plated with the Bretty wine, the other has been pre-plated with the Brett negative wine. Two additional tests are provided. * Suggested for people without microbiology experience who want to learn how to conduct and interpret the Easy Blue Brett Test. Not suggested for the winery environment. *** contains live Brettanomyces ***

Our Price: $139.00

Differential Brettanomyces Media 60mm Agar Plates
Item# : W1002P60

Brettanomyces Selective and Differential (SD) Medium. 60X15-mm agar plates. Proprietary selective enrichment formula supports Brettanomyces growth and inhibits most other wine microbes. Differential features allows for identification/confirmation of Brettanomyces based on phenolic odor and color change and quantification by colony-counting.

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48 plates For $479

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Brettanomyces Easy Sniff
Item# : WB1010B2M

EASY SNIFF Brettanomyces Detection ***Brettanomyces/Dekkera Pro-phenolic Media System*** * Detects Brettanomyces months in advance of Brett Taint * Proprietary “wake-up” enrichment medium allows detection of quiescent cells * Measures only relevant information: Potential for Brett taint odor * Do-it-yourself, Easy to use

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10 Tests For $399
20 Tests For $489

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Brett SD Liquid Broth
Item# : WL1001

For the detection of Dekkera/ Brettanomyces in juice or wine samples

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250 mls For $239

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Brettanomyces and other Yeast Sensory Set
Item# : wlBSS-1

Standard set of four Brettanomyces and other Yeast phenolics. Intended to be used for the development of discrimination of Brettanomyces phenolics from yeast phenolics. Contains four tubes and a detailed description of each Brettanomyces/yeast metabolite and related odor.

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1 kit For $189

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Berry Easy
Item# : BE2001

Test for Brettanomyces on grapes.

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12 For $489

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Enosense; Brettanomyces pro-phenolic liquid medium
Item# : W1002B30

Enosense. Compare to "Sniff Brett". Brettanonomyces selective medium. 30 ml in 50-ml tubes; for wine, filters or swabs. Formulated to produce strong phenolic odor if Brettanomyces is contained in the wine sample. Enrichment formula allows for identification of Brettanomyces based on smell, and turbidity. Can be used for 47-mm filters or other applications.

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4 tubes For $264
10 tubes For $499

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Surface Test for Brettanomyces
Item# : w4001

Test for Brettanomyces on tanks, winemaking equipment and surfaces

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12 Tests For $259

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Test for Brettanomyces on and in Oak
Item# : W4002

This test can be used to determine if a chip or splinter from a wine barrel is contaminated with Brettanomyces.

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12 Tests For $249

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Wine Barrel Wash
Item# : WBW10L

Proprietary formulation used to dissociate Brett from oak. When used in conjunction with a Brett test can be used to check if used barrels contain Brettanomyces. Can also be used to clean used barrels. 100X concentration, enough for 25 barrels. Non-toxic, does not damage wood.

Our Price:
1 bottle For $189

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