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Standard Tests for grapes, juice, wine, *barrels, *equipment, the *winery and *vineyard:


1.      (MS01B) **Brettanomyces Spp.

2.      (MS02Z) Zygosaccharomyces spp.

3.      (MS03TS) Total Saccharomyces cerevisiae

4.      (MS04SV) Saccharomyces cerevisiae viability

5.      (MS05TAC) Total aerobic counts

6.      (MS06TYM) Total yeast and mold

7.      (MS07TY) Total yeast

8.      (MS08TFM) Total filamentous mold

9.      (MS09TBM) Toxic black mold

10.   (MS10TAB) Total aerobic bacetria

11.   (MS11TAnB) Total anaerobic bacteria

12.   (MS12TB) Total bacteria (aerobic and anaerobic)

13.   (MS13MC) Microscopic characterization

14.   (MS14SC) Sediment characterization (mass of sediment, microscopic examination)

15.   (MS15SpC) Scanning or defined wavelength spectrophotometric characterization

16.   (MS16TA) pH and titratable acidity of wine

17.   (MS17QA) Quantitative ammonia and ammonium

18.   (MS18PC) Protein (amino acid) content

The above list is a partial list of our services; please contact us if what you need is not on the list
We also do custom wine microbiology services and contract research.


Before sending your samples:

Contact our sales department and request a price quotation, shipping instructions and service request form. A Services Request Form must be included with all test samples shipped to us.

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* For barrels, equipment, winery and vineyard services contact us for consultation and collection instructions and supplies.

** Results for most lab services are available within 5 days, however due to the slow growth of this organism, standard Brett test results takes 2 weeks, 24 hour expedite lab service available for an additional charge.