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Test for Brettanomyces on and in Oak
Item#: W4002
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12 Tests For $249

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Brett SD medium is intended to be selective and differential for Brettanomyces. Brettanomyces is detected based on color change and phenolic odor. When Brettanomyces reaches adequate numbers, the cells produce acid and convert p-coumaric acid to 4-vinyl phenol and then 4-ethly phenol (4EP). The high concentration of p-coumaric acid and growth enhancement characteristics of Brett SD result in a phenolic odor well in advance of any change in the wine; which likely occurs in wine when Brettanomyces concentration is above 10,000-100,000 cells/ml.

Items needed but not included: tool to remove splinter or cut out fragment from barrel tweezers, 70% isopropanol (available from most drug stores and Supermarkets or 70% ethanol).


1. Apply ethanol to cutting tool that will be used to remove splinter or cut out oak fragment from barrel, tweezers and any surface you use to catch material; allow to dry. A paper towel can be used to wipe off ethanol to speed drying.

2. Remove splinter or fragment from barrel and use tweezers to drop into Brett SD medium. Crush material so that cap fits on tube.

3. Incubate 10 days. Incubation at 30C and with agitation will reduce the number of days that one must wait for a result.

4. At the end of 10 days the test is complete. Check for 1. Color change from Blue to green or yellow 2. Phenolic odor. For phenolic odor test, compare test vial with unused vial for a strong phenolic odor.

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