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Brettanomyces Easy Sniff
Item#: WB1010B2M
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For fast, Easy Sniff identification of Brettanomyces spp. that produce phenolics. Total 45mL Media/Test (20 mL Medium A, 15mL medium B)

Intended Use
For the detection and approximation of Dekkera/ Brettanomyces phenolic potential in juice or wine samples. Easy SniffTM media is selective for Brettanomyces and is enriched to assure relatively fast growth of this slow-growing organism. This media is enriched with phenolic precursors that result in a strong phenolic odor far in advance of naturallly occuring Brett taint in wine.

1. Collect wine sample from the bottom - or from a mixed barrel / tank. Brettanomyces tends to settle.

2. Add 20mL wine to the enrichment ‘Medium A.

3. Allow inoculated medium to rest at room temperature or at 30°C undisturbed for 24 hours.

4. Carefully decant or aspirate all but the bottom 5mL of solution, being careful not to disturb the cells and debris that have settled to the bottom.

5. Replace cap, shake tube and check for phenolic odor. If Negative, continue to Step 6, below.

6. Pour 15mL of Selective ‘Medium B’ into the tube.

7. Incubate at room temperature or at 30°C.

8. After an additional 1 Day incubation, shake tube and check for phenolic odor. If Negative, recheck every 2 days.

Sample is Positive if a phenolic medicinal or leathery odor is detected when opening the tube.

SUGGESTION: Compare odor to Brett Sensory Set (sold separately). Alternatively, make a blank control’ according to ‘Optional Control’ section below.

Time Approx Cell Conc. Population
2 day 106 cells/mL Very High
4 days 105 cells/mL High
6 days 104 cells/mL Moderate
8 days 103 cells/mL Mod./Low
12 days 102 cells/mL Low
14+ days <102 cells/mL Very low

After a result is obtained, if you wish to arrest growth, store tube refrigerated; record number of days incubation, noting room temperature or 30°C.

Brett phenolic metabolites taint the wine when Brett is present at high concentrations. For best results, take action while concentration is low.
· Brett concentration is high if phenolic odor is detected within 4 days.
1. Remediate as appropriate, e.g.: Filter, apply SO2 (or other chemical control method) and/or temperature control.
2. Retest 1-month after remediation to determine
· Brett concentration is low if phenolic odor is detected after 1 week or more. Retest within 1 month. Remediate when levels increase, or as cellar workload permits.
Optional Control
If you have difficulty discriminating the phenolic odor from an Easy Sniff test from that of normal wine aroma plus culture medium: stored the suspected sample refrigerated until the Negative Odor Control can be prepared:

Preparation of Negative Odor Control:
· Add 10 mL of fresh wine sample to ‘Medium A’
· Immediately decant 15mL
· Immediately add 10 mL of ‘Medium B’
· Shake the Negative Odor Control tube & compare retest odor compared to stored suspect sample.

Disposal & Precautions
To avoid cross-contamination of the winery, after the test is complete, applied 10% bleach or 70% alcohol
to the liquid medium prior to disposal. Minimize the time that the top is removed from test tube and bottle. Performed the test in a draft-free environment. Note: the medium is not for human consumption.

Store the media refrigerated between 2–8 ºC.
Easy Sniff™ has a shelf life of 6 months.

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