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OptiSafe Kit
Item#: OSKit1001
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The OptiSafeTM in vitro ocular irritation test is a standardized and quantitative acute ocular irritation test method that can be used to determine the irritation potential of cosmetics, creams, and a wide variety of consumer products. Results are presented as GHS, EPA classifications, an ocular irritation score and class.
OptiSafeTM can be used for:

* Determining if a finished product is an ocular irritant.

* Ocular safety testing during product development for knowledge based formulation. products that irritate do not last long in the marketplace.

The Advantages of OptiSafeTM include:

* Accurate Ocular Irritancy Test

* High Sensitivity for Mild and Moderate Irritants

* Fast Results

* 1 year shelf life

*Neither uses nor harms animals

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